This is the final episode in a very short series of 3 where we are learning from Richard Bohmer and the team how to apply 10 leadership lessons that came out of COVID field hospitals.  Today we are tackling the last 3 lessons of inclusivity, caring for your teams, and the presence or showing up.

  1. Inclusivity.  In the field hospitals this was displayed by bringing in family and friends to help with the problem solving and decision making for the patient.  In your business it’s bringing in your customer, the person you are serving, and getting their thoughts, feedback, and overall input.  Let them tell you what to do to be successful.
  2. Caring for your teams.  In the field hospital, again, it was about providing mental health counseling and being sensitive to all that they had been going through.  For you it’s about being empathetic.  Recognizing how others may feel and are feeling, preventing burnout, and providing support for your teams.
  3. Showing up.  Be present in what is happening.  When your business is going through change are you there in the thick of it, leading by example, showing support, sending words of encouragement, appreciating the teams, or, are you off hiding, fearful that it’s going to fail? You have to be present.  You have to show up and by your presence, by your questions, by your positive words, move your team forward.

Those are the 10 leadership lessons. Were they groundbreaking?  Were they life-changing, maybe, right? Remember, leadership lessons aren’t supposed to be like the heavens opening up and all of the answers start to flood you.  You know how to be a good leader, many times our tasks become a higher priority than our people. Or we feel like all of the problems are on our shoulders instead of the team’s, etc.  Look back over this past year and ask yourself how many of these 10 did you positively display?

As you prepare for 2021, which ones are you going to add to your arsenal of skills?  Use these new nuggets of leadership gifts to take yourself and your team to the next level.

Be Legendary!