We are in the midst of Preparation Season!  What’s on the agenda for today?  Today is the day we perform a self-assessment of 2022.  

No doubt you set goals for the current year.  

This week we will look at your performance toward those goals, did you overdeliver, underdeliver, or hit the bullseye?

And you want to identify exactly what you did to get you where you are today.

Let me share an example with you so we are sure to be on the same page.

Let’s say you set your sights on promotion in 2022.  

The first question you must answer is, did you achieve it?

–If yes, what actions did you take in order to earn it?  What worked and what didn’t?

–If no, what happened that caused the delay in your career progression?  Was it a change in the company landscape?  Was it because you weren’t quite ready?  Maybe it’s because you declined the promotion.  No matter the reason, identify it and call it out.  Then identify exactly what you did (or what happened) that created that result.

The key to this exercise is to not judge yourself but to be honest with yourself.  What did you want to achieve? Did you do it, yes or no?  What caused the results you delivered?

If you underperformed vs. your targets for 2022, your goal is to understand why.  If you delivered or exceeded your goals, again, understand why.

Then, your last goal is to celebrate.  Celebrate what you have achieved, even if you didn’t hit or exceed your target, celebrate the fact that you grew over the past year and you got closer to your ultimate target.

Then last but not least, identify the tools and resources you used to help you get to where you are today.  Did you have a peer group that held you accountable? Did you have a coach or someone teaching you strategies and holding you to your goals?  What helped you get to where you are?  Conversely, what should you have tapped into that would have helped you get further faster?  (The good news is that it’s not too late!  You can use those resources in 2023!)

The goal of this self-assessment is two-fold.  

First, to see where you are currently so that you know your 2023 starting point.  

Second, you must learn the lessons 2022 existed to teach you.  This ensures you don’t repeat those lessons in 2023.  Let’s move forward!

If you want some support in working through this self-assessment, get the free workbook to help you do this process with ease.

Be Legendary!