As you are sitting, relaxing, and enjoying some “you” time, I have to ask, did you create your vision for 2021?

Here’s the deal, we are a little over a week away from next year.  Maybe you’ve kept pushing the idea of creating your vision to tomorrow, or next week, etc.  The “I’ll get to that later. I don’t have time to think about that now” mentality.

You’ve been procrastinating because thinking about a vision is hard. It’s mentally taxing, I get it. It’s not always fun because there’s a lot of risks. What if I don’t deliver?   What if my vision is too small? What if it’s too big, and I can’t achieve it?

We go through all of these what-ifs. And we hold ourselves to this extremely high standard. What I’m challenging you to do today and what I want you to start journaling about is what do you see happening in your business over the next year? What needs to happen? What would you love to have happened? Take a little bit of time to dream; journal out your dream for 2021 for your business.  How many lives do you want to impact? What do you want to get really good at?

I want you to then, after your dream, sit down and take those dreams and figure out what are the actual milestones and actions you need to take in order to achieve it? When you look at all of the pillars, how are you going to impact each pillar and strengthen it and take your business to the next level?

Write down those dreams in your journal. Then I really want you to sit down and put some action around it. By January, what are you going to do by February? What are you going to do in March, April, May, every month? What action are you going to take to move your business forward and deliver on the vision for 2021?

Go! Dream, dream big because you can make it happen.

Be Legendary!