It’s Christmas Eve, and for those of you who celebrate Christmas no doubt you are planning a light day of work with a heavier day of family events.  So let’s dive right into today’s topic. I’m challenging you to carry this feeling of excitement into your business.

I want you to think back to when you were a kid.  I want you to remember the emotion of being a kid at Christmas.  Do you remember it?

Growing up, we would always go to my grandfather’s house on Christmas Eve. (The tradition was my dad’s family event on Christmas Eve and my mom’s family event on Christmas Day.)  So for me, Christmas Eve was about my mom cooking tons of great food and me hanging out, trying not to get roped into too much kitchen work, and just feeling the excitement of Christmas. Then we would get over to my grandfather’s and have lunch or dinner, depending on what had been decided that year, and we would eat a ton of food, catch up with cousins and aunts, uncles, etc.  Then we would open presents.  That was back in the day before cell phones so it’s not like you were distracted by other people or events.  It was family time.  And it was exciting!

Every Christmas Eve my dad would sing “Here Comes Santa Claus” and I would get so excited when he said, “Santa Claus comes tonight.”  I remember it like it was yesterday.

Do you have memories like that?  Do you remember being excited and happy with the traditions and the family time the laughter and the fun?

I hope you do.  I want to challenge you to take that feeling of excitement, of wonder, of unbridled joy and I want you to think about your business for a second.

Because here’s the thing.  They aren’t that different.  You were excited about the unknown, but the unknown was going to be something so good and wonderful.  Your business is the same.  Take the excitement, the joy, the anticipation, the goodness that you are feeling right now with your memories of Christmas Eve, or maybe it was a different holiday for you, take the emotions you are feeling from those memories, look at your business, and determine how you can create those same emotions in what you do each and every day in that area of your life.  How do you get excited, anticipate the next phase of your business launch plan, or look forward to unwrapping the gift of quitting your day job?

The feelings are the same. Let yourself feel them so those positive emotions will carry you forward and you can celebrate the joy and excitement in just the same manner.

Enjoy it!

Be Legendary!