Over the past few weeks, you have been learning the ins and outs of the psychology around “execing correctly.”  We have talked about the fact that as executives, we are leaders, not doers.  We are owners, not operators.  We have discussed why learning to perform at the executive level is critical to your next chapter in career success.  If you want to continue to succeed in your career, you must exec correctly.  It’s not optional.

Last week we spent some time on burnout and we understand the fact that burnout could either be the reason we aren’t mastering the executive functions OR it could be the fact that we aren’t performing the executive functions that are causing burnout to occur.  In other words, if we aren’t burnt out, we could get there quickly if we don’t change.

Now we must talk about hesitation.

This topic is the natural next psychological barrier that could be holding us back from execing correctly such that eliminating it could be the key to our executive success.

Hesitation in learning how to exec correctly is normal.  It’s been a common thread in all of our previous episodes.

But as we said, we are going to call out the truth and make it a known reality.

Hesitation at this phase in our careers is COMMON!  It’s normal.  You’re not alone and you’re not crazy if you are hesitating as a new executive.

Remember, we said burnout could be a reason that we are hesitating.  We are just tired.  We can’t keep the maniacal pace we have been living in.  We can’t mentally handle the fact that we did all of the work to get to the position, only to now realize we have more work to do.

This is what I call a crying-in-the-shower moment, ladies.  For me, when I am just exhausted, the day has taken its toll, and  I feel like I can’t take anymore, I have to let out all of that emotional insanity.  So I go take a hot shower and cry it out. 

Maybe you need to have a crying-in-the-shower moment this evening.  

We both know that you didn’t expect to be exhausted and simply tired of being tired!

We didn’t plan for this.  And so while we feel stupid for thinking this role would be the solution to our personal sacrifice, we are also angry that we believed we could have all that we wanted in life if we just got to this position.  Now we can’t even focus on enjoying or performing in the position because we are just done.  Mentally and emotionally done.

The reality in all of this is that we actually can have the life, the success, the achievements, and the happiness we have been seeking.  We simply must stop hesitating in order to get it.

We have to solve the next problem in our path, which means we must stop hesitating.  

I know you don’t want another problem.  I know you didn’t prepare for another problem.  I get it.  I understand more than you know.

But the reality is that you must solve it if you are going to start execing correctly and enjoying the hard work you put into getting here.

Stop hesitating and digging in your heels on this one.  You will only delay your growth, the growth of your team, and the value you are adding to the organization.

Am I telling you to suck it up and keep living with burnout?  NO! All I am saying is if you’re burnt out, solve it.  Don’t keep doing what you have been doing.  Make a change.

Taking action and learning to exec correctly.

If you are just angry that you have a new problem to solve, stop hesitating and solve it.  This is the straightforward path to get you from career fear to career confidence.

Don’t delay, download the workbook and take action on today’s episode.

Be Legendary!