It’s the last episode in the series so let’s tie this thing up, shall we?

We know what execing correctly means, why it matters, what burnout looks like, and why hesitation isn’t the answer if we truly want to succeed. Today we are going to finish this series by talking about exactly what execing correctly looks like when you live in that executive performance space.

We are going to formally answer the question: How do you exec correctly?

The fact is, you already know the answer because we have already talked about it.  Execing correctly is the act of moving from the doer position to the leader position.

It’s spending more time teaching your team, educating your peers, influencing the organization, creating the strategy, and leading through people.

It’s looking at least 3 years into the future and plotting a course for success while steering the tanker around unforeseen, unplanned industry landmines, economic storms, and overall risks.

As an executive, you’re not the first sergeant anymore, you’re the captain.  This means you’re teaching the team how to be effective while at the same time watching the horizon and using all of your knowledge to get the team to its destination safely and successfully.

Execing correctly is being a thought leader, an influencer, and a servant to your team.

As an executive, you have the important role of keeping one foot in the “now” to help the team successfully execute today, and one foot in the future so that what they do today takes them down the right path in order to win tomorrow.

It’s not an easy role.

Being a doer is much easier.

But the executive role is where you will find your purpose of serving, leading, and achieving at the highest level in your career.

If you look at your calendar and more than 30% of the time you are in “doing mode,” you must learn to master the strategies of execing correctly.

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