Merry Christmas!  It’s Christmas Day and I know my kids are having a blast being kids and appreciating all that they received from us and from Santa.  I want to talk to you today about one of the greatest gifts.

At Thanksgiving, I told you to celebrate your personal gift, the gift that helps you run your business, the gift of service you can offer, the gift of creating a product or running a successful business, etc.  Today, I want you to celebrate the gift of having a business or a business idea.

Understand the power and freedom your business affords you or will afford you. Not everyone will have that in their lives. The business you are creating is going to impact so many lives.  It’s going to let you live the life you deserve, your Legendary Life.  It’s going to allow you to buy extravagant gifts for your family, maybe create a future employment opportunity for your family members or kids. Your business is a gift.  Celebrate that gift today and all of the hard work you have put into it.

Merry Christmas!

Be Legendary!