I have to say it, it’s time to get back on track with your morning routine.

No doubt you slept in a few days here or there, or if you have kids you were up well before your normal hour on Christmas Day.  Either way, chances are that you haven’t been able to stick to your morning routine.  You know, that routine of working out, reading, journaling, meditating or praying, etc.

But here’s the deal.  I’m not here to beat you up about it.  I’m happy you got to spend some family time and some time during the holidays. That’s the point!  I want you to live! You need to live!  You can’t be so routine that you don’t.  Remember that one of the basic human needs is variety, and you just got some of that.  That’s good!

But today, unless you are still on vacation with family and you are still enjoying some variety, I want to challenge you to get back on track with your routine.  If there is no variety left if you are simply deciding to sleep in and not focus on being reasonably productive although your schedule calls for that productivity to occur, we have to get yourself back on track.

What was your morning routine?  Maybe you don’t have office/day job work right now so you can sleep in.  Make sure you give yourself time in the morning to still do your routine, just at a later hour.  Don’t jump straight into work in the mornings because you feel behind. Don’t skip your hour to 1.5 hours of your time to “get back on track.”  You need that time for yourself, for your mental well-being.  So keep taking care of yourself.

Be Legendary!