It’s Preparation Season!  We are going to make this next year THE BEST YEAR of our lives.  How do we do that?  You’ve been working through it if you have been listening to the previous episodes. Last week you assessed how you did this year.  You also determined why you got the results you delivered.  No judgment.  No harsh words to yourself about yourself if you didn’t hit the mark.  Definitely, some celebration and reward for showing up, right? Now it’s time to look forward and cast your vision for 2023.

That means it’s time to establish a clear definition of what 2023 will be so that we know exactly what we will be celebrating this time next year.  It’s time to set your targets for the next 12 months.

What is the process?

First, allow yourself to dream.  You can’t create BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals) if you don’t dream big.  So don’t hold back.  Don’t play small.  Set your goals.

To do that, answer this question:  It’s 12 months from now and you and I are having a great conversation.  I ask you, how did this year go for you, and you say, “It was the best year of my life, Katrina!”


Now tell me why. What are all of the things that you accomplished in your professional life and your personal life?

Now that you have that list of goals, I want you to tell me, what would it mean to you if you hit these targets this year?

What would it mean to your family if you hit these targets?

Last but not least, answer this question: What type of support, community, and accountability would you need in order to reach your goals?

It’s time to set your goals/targets.  It’s time to get clear.

It’s time to BELIEVE!

As always, get the workbook to help you define your targets and the necessary resources to get there.

Be Legendary!