It’s the last Wednesday of the year and you have done a tremendous amount of work this month to ensure that 2023 is the best year yet!  You’ve been kicking butt in “Preparation Season” and I’m beyond proud of you!  You are on the very last step to building the correct plan and proper momentum to hit January 1st with some speed!  It’s time to set your milestones and start taking action!

Now, if you’re getting a bit nervous or feeling some hesitation, let’s go through why you’re ready to go!  You have created a crystal clear picture of what you achieved in 2022.  You now have clarity on what you want to achieve in 2023, why achieving your targets is a must, and any resources/support/help you need in order to get there.

Everything has been defined at a high level.  Because you have your overall endpoints or goals, you now need to create the milestones you will achieve along the way that will ultimately lead to our endpoints.  Today you will drill it down and decide what you need to deliver each quarter in order to celebrate the achievement of your targets next year.

Create your strategy today.  Download the workbook to help you.

Define what must be done, by when, and with which resources/tools, and schedule the time on your calendar to take the proper action in order to achieve the milestones.

Once you have your milestones defined, be sure to schedule a time next week to reach out to all of the support systems, people, groups, coaches, mentors, etc. you will need to call on this year in order to achieve your end goals.

Happy New Year to you!  May this year be the best year of your life and career!

Be Legendary!