This point in the year is time for reflection..  Today I’m challenging you to look back on the year, reflect back, and celebrate all of the amazing things that you accomplished. In other words, celebrate your year and get ready for the next.

Take the time, even if you’re only working your corporate job right now and haven’t yet started your own business, to celebrate and appreciate. Or, if you started your own business, and you’re running it while you’re working your corporate job, or maybe you’re about to quit your day job because your business is doing so well, or maybe you just recently moved to run your business full time, all of these are worth a celebration. With life constantly happening for us, it makes it very difficult sometimes to sit down, slow down, reflect, appreciate, and be able to move forward.

Take your journals (all of them for 2020), and in the very back of your journal, review your accomplishments page for the year.  Reflect back on all the things you accomplished this year. Take some time to celebrate yourself. Look at all the accomplishments listed, reflect back on each of those events, allow yourself to feel the excitement that you felt when those things happened, and celebrate yourself.

Celebrate you and your business, the things that you accomplished with your team, the things that happened in your family, all of these things matter. Connect with those celebrations, create the celebrations and connect with the emotions.  Don’t downplay all the things that you’ve done this year! You accomplished some major feats!

As an extra challenge, go post some of the things that you’ve done, either on the Legend Leaders page on Facebook, or join our free Facebook group.

That’s your challenge. Review and celebrate the year.  Then for this coming year of 2021, go ahead and create your accomplishments page in your journal.

Celebrate yourself and all the things that you’ve done.

Be Legendary!