Welcome to 2021!  Happy New Year to you, your family, your friends, and your business. This is your year!

I am so excited to celebrate this day with you.  For us here in the Jamison house, we will be having blackeyed peas and collard greens with some cornbread, a traditional New Year’s Day meal.  I am not sure much cleaning will be done, remember all of the “rules” about sweeping and taking out bags of things on New Year’s Day if you believe in any of those things. 😉

Either way, I’m not going to bog you down with ideas, theories, or lessons today. Today is all about you.  Today I simply want to remind you, if you don’t already know it, that this is your year.  This is it.  It’s all you!

2021 is when you are going to grow into the business leader you need to be for the year, your business is going to establish or start to grow, you are going to figure it out, you are going to start or continue to live the life you deserve depending on where you are with that.  You are going to be unstoppable.  This is your year!

I want you pumped.  I want you ready. I want you to see yourself this time next year, celebrating all you have done, knowing that 2021 was your year.  See it.  Say it.  Get your mind right.

2021 is your year!

Be Legendary!