I know you are jumping into your 2020 results because, as you know, data is the foundation of your success.

I am sure you are looking at your financials, I would imagine your books are close to being finalized for the year, right?  You are looking at customer service, production, and the overall feedback from your customers and your employees; looking at engagement measures, assessing the number of customers you gained and lost, etc.

You see, my point is this, data is everything.  Data is the foundation of your success.  Data in general doesn’t lie.  It’s going to give you the straight facts about a situation.  Was it successful or was it not?  Now, you may need even more data to tell you why those results exist, but the data got you thinking, working through your business, asking questions, and causing you to find the root cause for those events in your business.

So why am I saying all of this?  Because I want you to sit down and look at your data.  I want you to dive into to it.  Spend a day looking back over your year.  I want you to be honest about the wins and the failures.  I want you to make 2021 your year by knowing how you did and where you came from so you know where you need to go.  What do you need to fix or improve?

Look at the data coming out of your sales framework.  Your marketing framework.  Your financial framework.  Assess data in the 9 pillars. How strong are each of the pillars? What do you need to adjust?

If you are honest with yourself, you can create an amazing plan for this year that you can and will deliver.

Pull your data.  Dive into it.  It is what will guide you down your path of success.

Be Legendary!