Today I’m challenging you to appreciate your team and express gratitude.  I’ve talked a lot about you, your mindset, your knowledge, your assessment of your business, your vision, your plan, etc. but I haven’t talked a lot about your team lately. So let’s do that.  Let’s spend today thinking about and appreciating your team.

When I took over my first pharmacy and became the pharmacy manager, I used to thank every single person at the end of their shift or my shift, whichever came first.  I had the majority of that team tell me that they had never had a supervisor thank them before.  It blew my mind.  Could you imagine working with 5 other people in a box the size of your kitchen and not being told thank you for your work and contribution?  Well, it happened.

That lesson taught me that I am always going to thank people.  Not in an insincere, over-the-top kind of way, but an active, daily moment of honest appreciation for their work and for them simply being a good person.

Now, hopefully, you took the time to appreciate your employees and team around the holidays.  We talked about having those events on your calendar for the holidays as part of our planning.  Maybe you gave them all a little bonus, maybe you couldn’t do that this year, and that’s ok. But now, after the hustle and bustle is gone. After the holidays are essentially over and you are focusing on getting back into the groove of work, I want you to take a second today to thank your team. 

TI want you to tell them you have been looking over the numbers for last year. Tell them all of the great things they accomplished.  Tell them the results from 2020 and the role they played in it.

Then be honest and talk about the gaps.  Don’t point the finger at them, you are the leader. They take all of the credit for the good, you take credit for the failures.  That’s how leadership works. Tell them where you want to go this year. Put your vision in front of them after you thank them.  Tell them where the business is going this year so they can help make it happen.

Start with thanks.  Share the results.  Thanks to some more. Share the vision.  Then let them start making it happen.

Be Legendary!