As you are running your numbers, looking at your data, celebrating the successes of your business, ensure you celebrate and reward grit and determination.

It’s super easy to get lost in the numbers.  Data is the hard truth and we want and need that truth when it comes to running a business.  To run a business off of “feelings” can be very dangerous.  We need the facts.

But what about when the facts don’t measure effort?  What about when you and your team have put in everything they have, worked tirelessly, constantly learned and adjusted, didn’t give up in the face of adversity, etc.?  Maybe you didn’t get the results you wanted in 2020 but you learned so many valuable lessons about how to never give up, how to adjust and pivot, and you made changes that will strengthen you for a win in 2021?  What about those pieces of the business you can’t measure?

You need to take the time to celebrate that as much as you celebrate the numbers.  It’s why I tell you to write down your accomplishments and celebrate those things, big or small.  Recognize that that’s a small step towards celebrating grit and determination but still doesn’t land the plane on this.

What you need to do is think about the moments of adversity.  Think about when something got in the way of success and you and your team pushed through, brainstormed, put in extra effort, or you just willed the process to work and it did.  Those are situations that deserve celebration.  If we don’t appreciate those attempts and efforts, we will slowly lose momentum.  If we only celebrate positive results, but not hard work along the way, the hard work will get smaller and smaller.  We, and especially our teams, need fuel to keep us going.

If you have a team, consider creating a GRIT award or a Determination Award. Define the terms and give it out regularly.  Come up with a way to give praise and encouragement until the results arrive. This will ensure you have people still willing to push to get those results.

Be Legendary!