Could it be that we are trapping ourselves in our corporate careers due to misplaced loyalty?

This month we are diving into the most common reasons we as women put ourselves in a mental position of believing we cannot leave our corporate jobs.  In almost every instance, we stay in a job we hate because of the stories and justifications we tell ourselves.

Yes, it may start with leadership telling you that the “culture is XYZ.”  I get it.  But here’s the reality, if a company’s culture makes you feel like YOU OWE the organization something, such that you are sacrificing your own health and personal life for that company, that’s a clear sign to get out.

I’m serious.

That is not a healthy, supportive, culture.  It is a manipulative controlling one that you cannot thrive in.

That said, let’s talk about why we might trap ourselves in an organization due to what I am going to call a false belief.

A false belief is something we believe is true, but in reality, it’s not.

In this instance, a false belief is, “I can’t leave this company, this role, this team, because I made a commitment and I always follow through on my commitments.”

Man that sounds admirable, right?

It sounds full of integrity.

It sounds PC.

So let’s think of an analogous example.

If you are married, that is a commitment you are focused on living up to for the rest of your life, right?

But if your spouse demanded all of your attention, took away your health, caused nothing but stress, constantly made you feel like you were wrong, and was emotionally abusive, would you stay?

Maybe for a period of time, your answer would be yes, but hopefully, your answer would be “I’m out of here!”

So why is it easy to see this situation for what it is if this was your spouse but you can’t see it’s the same thing in your career?

There are times, for your own well-being, you must walk away from a person or a situation.  

You know that.

So my question for you is: if you honestly step back and let yourself see your career for what it is, allow yourself to see the true events unfolding around you, what’s the truth?

Are you trapping yourself in a corporate position due to misplaced loyalty?

What are you telling yourself about why you must stay that keeps you there?

Know this.

Honoring yourself is the honorable thing!

Do that!

Be Legendary!

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