Do not create a slow ramp-up for getting back to work in your business.  Come back with full force, vigor, and a blazing attitude.

I see some entrepreneurs slowing down to celebrate the holidays, then take the time to reflect on the previous year’s performance, all of which is appropriate. However, we can’t let that reflection time last too long.  We lose our momentum and then half of the month is gone before we finally start charging forward again.  This is damaging to you and your business.

So if you’re sitting here in early January, and you have not gotten back in gear, if you’re not running quickly, then my challenge for you today is let’s get back on it.

I’m sure in the corporate world, people are trying to get back on top of things and are trying to get aggressive again. And while that is easy in that world, maybe you’re like, “This is the year that I really want my business to take off. I don’t want to run fast in the corporate world, I just I’m dragging a little bit.” Maybe you’re feeling a little sorry for yourself, maybe you’re feeling a little frustrated with where you are.   You want something different for this year.  But slowing down isn’t going to get you there.

Don’t allow that emotion to drive you down an unproductive path, not just in work but in all areas of your life.  Your personal life, your personal business, and other areas of your life are where you need to be taking action because those are the areas that are going to help you get away from the corporate world. You’ve got to get moving if you are at a pause right now.

What do you need to do this month in order to move one step closer to achieving the freedom, the flexibility, and having the fulfillment within yourself that you’re looking for (the entire reason that you wanted to start your own business in the first place)? What do you need to do this month to get you there? I’m here to tell you, as your coach and as your mentor, that you’ve got to be able to push past the desire to slowly ramp up. Focus your efforts in the right areas so that you can move forward and take your business to the next level.

Be Legendary!