Today I want you to go ahead and plan your first big reward for 2021.   I push you often to establish your life plan pillar, right?  Lately, we have talked about celebrating the 2020 year, the results, the financial performance, the grit, and determination, etc.  I have also been pushing you to go ahead and get moving on your path for 2021.  But what we haven’t talked about is how you will celebrate your first achievement.

Now notice this, I said plan your first big reward, I didn’t say your first big achievement.  You see, the achievement doesn’t have to be huge. The reason is that if you make it huge, you will never deliver on it.  You will constantly change the rules of what “success” looks like and that reward will never be yours.

To establish a reasonable goal, make it so easy to hit the target, that there’s no way you can’t deliver to it.  Something simple like you get up each day and do your morning routine for 1 full month. Or, you review your metrics daily or weekly for a month.

It’s basic, it’s simple, it’s building a routine, the routine will impact the business, etc.  When you deliver on that basic routine, you need to give yourself a big reward!

So now that you decided on the act you will celebrate, create a big reward for yourself.  It should be something that makes you feel amazing.  A massage.  A full spa day.  A  3-day weekend away in an Airbnb. Anything that is a true celebration.

So today you are challenged to create your first big reward of 2021 and let’s decide on it, schedule it, and get ready for it!

Be Legendary!