We have officially done it.  A full year of daily podcast episodes! 365 episodes.  It’s mind-blowing, humbling, and exciting!

I had to take this last episode first, thank you for listening to me.  And at the same time, let me apologize that you had to listen to my insanity at times.  But seriously, thank you.  Thank you for finding value in my experiences, my knowledge, my perspectives, and my support.

Legend Leaders and this Legendary Leaders podcasts exist for me to serve you.  That is the point!  Now, I also used this platform to learn, grow, expand myself, unlock opinions, experiences, examples, and training within myself, and bring them to you.

this experience was meant to serve you, but also to help grow me; allow me to take imperfect action but take action nonetheless.

I have to say, it was hard at times trying to come up with a topic or an idea that I felt would be worth your time.  Sometimes I landed the plane, in my own opinion about how I did, and sometimes I completely bombed it.  But I put it out there no matter what.  I kept pushing, trying, growing, learning, thinking, and it has helped me tremendously.

I appreciate you being a part of that.  Thank you for listening each day and being an active part of my personal growth journey as well as the journey for Legend.  Each day I wake up in the morning is a day I know I have been given to serve and contribute.

What else did I learn?

I figured out who I really want to support the most over the past year.  I want to help amazing women working in the corporate world who want to start their own businesses, or who have started their own businesses and want to grow them so they can quit their day jobs.

Going forward, season two will have 1 episode a week. The episode will be here, via the podcast, and it will be on the YouTube channel. So you watch or listen, whichever you prefer.

Those episodes will post every Wednesday, so tomorrow there will not be an episode but Wednesday we will pick right back up with season two and start moving ahead.

Be Legendary!