This is the second episode in our Creating Your Executive Brand series.  Did you get your mind right last week?  Did you prepare yourself to take in the knowledge we are going to share this month?  If you did, awesome.  If you didn’t, get the workbook and do the work from last week.

This week we are going to dive into the purpose of your executive brand.  We cannot get to “how” we create one if we don’t first understand what it is and why it matters.

What is an executive brand?  It’s your professional brand for sure, but not just any professional brand, it’s the brand you have created and continue to maintain as an executive.

Now that may not sound like much of a distinction but let me tell you that it very much is.  A professional brand is how you show up as an employee, a manager, or even a director. That brand is one of a doer and an executor.  An executive brand is one where you show off your executive level leadership, meaning you are leading through people, you are managing relationships, and you are creating strategies.  You are not the doer, you are the leader.  No doubt you can carry a professional brand into an executive role, and many newly promoted executives do just that.  But those newly promoted executives don’t last long if they don’t quickly change their brand from a professional one to an executive one.

So that’s what an executive brand is.  It’s the embodiment of how you deliver executive-level value each day in a way that is unique to you, using your gifts and talents.

Now that we know what an executive brand is, let’s understand why it matters.  

I think you probably figured that out as we have been walking through this today.  Your executive brand ensures you perform at the highest level in your role.


By ensuring you are adding value each day in a way that only you can.  This is what the company needs from you.  It’s why you exist in the organization.  Your brand is how you show up, lead, get results, and move the business forward.

Think of an executive that you admire.  Why do you admire them?  Because of the qualities they display in their leadership and their personal character, right?  That’s their brand!

If you want to perform at the highest level, have an impact in your role, secure your bonus each year, get promoted, and earn your raise, you must have a high-performance executive brand.  It’s that simple.

Now that you understand the what and the why behind an executive brand, get the workbook and answer some questions to further understand your what and why.

I will see you next week when we dive into the topic of defining an ideal brand.

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Be Legendary!