Welcome to the very last episode in this series: Creating Your Executive Brand.  Today we are going to wrap this up by discussing how we know when we’ve got our brand just right.  You know last week we talked about the pitfalls, i.e., the actions and activities we want to stay away from.  So if we’ve talked about the pitfalls, it’s only fair that we talk about how we know we are on track, right?

Well again, I’ve shared some of these pieces in other episodes but I want to take a few minutes to pull these concepts together so they are super clear.

How do you know if you have a high-performance executive brand?

Ultimately, you know because you are earning your bonus, getting positive feedback, getting results in the business, are being considered for the next promotion, and you’re earning your pay raises.

Said differently, the company is benefiting from your brand because the business results are there and because of those results, you are being rewarded.

Remember how we talked about adding value to the organization?  This is the key to knowing you have a solid executive brand.  When the company is telling you that you are delivering, you’re on track, they need what you’re providing, they want you to keep giving them what you’re offering, etc. then you have a phenomenal brand.

Think about it like a product brand that you support.  Be it a soft drink, a shoe line, or a purse.  You support those companies because they have a brand you know, like, and trust.  Each time you purchase one of their items, you know you’re not going to be disappointed.  You can count on them to deliver at the highest level, which is why you keep going back and buying more.

It’s the same for your executive brand in your organization.  You want your brand to be THE brand the company keeps coming back to because you deliver consistently, at the highest level, and in a way the company respects and appreciates.

Now I’m not saying you work yourself to death or you drop everything whenever the leadership team calls, you, etc.  No, that is not an ideal executive brand.  Even the product brand you’re thinking of right now doesn’t respond 24-7.  They don’t have the product in your hand instantaneously.  We aren’t talking about on-demand services here, we are talking about consistency and quality.  That’s what your brand should offer.

If you notice, the brand you’re thinking of also changes with the times to stay up to date with the last trends in the industry and the economy.  So too should your executive brand keep up with the changes, but never should those changes negatively impact consistency or quality.

If at any point the company stops calling on you and your brand, you need to quickly assess what occurred so you can continue to add value at the level the company expects and get back to being the preferred “brand” in the organization.

This is how you know your brand is tracking, is preferred, and is desired by your company.  Get the workbook to do the exercises and ensure your brand is tracking.

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