This month we have been diving into the components of executive negotiations. We know what negotiations are and why they matter. If we want to be successful executives and negotiate effectively, what does success actually look like? What are the attributes of success so that when we see it in ourselves, we know we are on the right track?

Before we look internally, let’s look externally. When you think about other leaders who are master negotiators, what are the key attributes that come to mind?

  1. Calm and confident
  2. They ask questions; they don’t demand or dictate.
  3. The master negotiator teaches, guides, and influences for the good of others.
  4. They support other people’s ideas more than they support their own.

Think through those attributes for a minute.

When you are a skilled negotiator, you are focused on speaking when you can add value, not make yourself feel valuable.  That’s a key distinction. A master negotiator adds for the betterment of the situation and the empowerment of others. 

So what does good look like?

Excellent executives are excellent because they know how to use the tool of negotiation effectively.

How are you showing up in your negotiation mindset?

What does it look like for you right now?  

What should it look like?

Get clear.  Set your definitions.  Strive to step into that portion of your executive brand.  

You can do it!

As always, don’t forget to get the workbook to support you.

Be Legendary!