It’s the 5th and final episode in this series focused on Executive Negotiations. Today we are going to tackle two subjects in tandem. First, how do you actually master the skills of being an effective negotiator? Second, now that you get the concepts of negotiation and why they matter to you as an executive, what is the framework necessary to successfully negotiate?

Step 1: How do you become a master negotiator? There are 4 main actions we must execute in order to master this skillset and make it a functioning component of our executive brand:

  1. Recognize it’s a required skill
  2. Understand what negotiation is and isn’t
  3. What does good look like
  4. Practice, practice, practice

Last but not least, find someone who can teach you how to master the skills of negotiation with minimal trial and error, and minimal guesswork, and who can give you feedback to guide your success. If you do not have someone, please let us help you. Teaching you negotiation is one of the many leadership components we teach in creating and strengthening your high-performance executive brand.

Step 2: Learn the 3 guiding principles of effective negotiation.

1. Define your outcome. Get clear and specific.

2. Establish what you are willing to concede vs. what are hard boundaries within your negotiation.

3. Do not give up too soon in the discussion.

Use these 3 points to help you negotiate effectively, practice the 4 actions to start mastering the art of negotiation, and definitely find a mentor or a program to support you so you compress your learning curve and get results quickly. 

If we can support you, please connect with our team. (Helping new-to-role female execs master executive leadership strategies is exactly why we exist!) Do not forget to download the workbook that aligns with this episode to support you in your mastery of executive negotiations.

Be Legendary!