This month is all about speed to success. If results are everything, and the speed at which we get them is critical, then how do we get executive results quickly and consistently?

Last week we talked about what holds us back from getting consistent results.  Do you remember the 3 factors?

  1. Definition of results: The definition of results changed on us as we moved from mid-level to executive and we are distracted by that instead of embracing it and moving on.
  2. Unprepared: We didn’t spend time preparing to exec correctly so we are now guessing and playing the trial-and-error game with our careers to determine how to get executive-level results.
  3. Security: In our need to feel safe while we are learning to exec, we do things that are valuable to us and our internal needs instead of actions that are valuable to the organization.  In other words, we waste time on the wrong work.

We’ve talked about the distraction and the fear that slows us down.  Let’s dive into the guesswork and the trial and error.

You get the obvious here but let’s talk through it for a second.  If we had been prepared for the definition of “results” changing when we changed roles, shifting from tasks and measurable KPIs to now strategic ideas, collaboration, negotiation, and people, then could we have prepared ourselves to be this new leader?

Yes, we could have. But we didn’t know so we didn’t prepare.

What happens next?

We all get frustrated with ourselves because we didn’t prepare.  And we know that you are a prepper so the fact that you didn’t prepare is just not cool.

Now, you may not be the “end of days” type of prepper, but there are certain areas in your life that you prepare–it could be having enough food in the house for the kids, it could be packing all of the necessary items for a trip, it could be keeping your car maintained so you’re never on the side of the road.

Whatever it is, you have an area of your life where you refuse to deal with the penalties of not being prepared.  

The other thing I know about you is that while you may not be a prepper in all areas of your life, you are definitely a prepper in your career.

You like zero surprises on the career front, am I right?

Those are two words you live by.  I used to tell my team, “No surprises.  I don’t want surprises in the business, I want to hear it from you ASAP.”

So here’s the deal, you didn’t prep for your new promotion.  That’s the reality. 

Now what?

Most high-achieving women I know tell themselves they need to “fix this.”  

They say something like, “Yeah, I wasn’t prepared but I’m going to fix this!”

And they want to fix it by earning knowledge. They feel like they have failed, so to recover, they are going to solve this problem on their own.

But here’s what you must realize.  

First, accept that you’re not prepared.  Yes, results matter and the speed at which you get them, but being upset that you’re not prepared to get those results won’t do you any good.

Next, stop believing you must earn the knowledge (and therefore results) on your own. This is the biggest falsity I see in this phase of executive development.  Shift your view of results and this should shift for you too.

What I mean is, if results at the executive level are tied to people and ideas, then realize you “earning” the knowledge is just another check-the-box task that won’t serve you at the executive level.  

Find someone, a mentor, a leader, a coach, a program, find the answers.  Eliminate the guesswork.

If you want to make a meal at home, do you craft every meal from your head, trying various combinations over days and weeks until you create the perfect meal? Or, do you find recipes to follow because they are proven?

Find someone to give you the recipe for executive results. Don’t waste time figuring it out.  Get the answers and move forward.

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Be Legendary!