It’s our last episode in this mini-series designed to help first-year female execs bypass the insanity of a 12-month ramp-up period and start generating performance results with speed.  Are you ready to talk about the actions to take to produce results?

Before we dive in, let’s go through a quick recap. We have identified and discussed the 3 primary reasons for the typical 12-month ramp-up period. 

1. We derail our focus when we blame ourselves for not being ready for the role, 2. We play the trial and error game instead of getting and following the recipe for success, and then 3. We perform functions that make us feel safe instead of functions that get us closer to the results the company wants to see from us. 

The most wonderful news in all of this is that we can actually overcome all 3 of these components.

That said, is the 12-month ramp-up period even necessary?

Not at all.  

At Legend Leaders, we teach you to create consistent performance results in 60 days!

We help you create something called The Execing Blueprint (TM).  Inside that blueprint, you have your own personalized strategy for how you create results. 

At a high level, this is The Execing Blueprint(TM): 

Step 1: Get your mind right by giving yourself some grace. Realize you are still amazing and you can do this.

Step 2: Determine what the company values and the results they want you to achieve.  

Step 3: Look at what in the heck you are currently spending your time on and if it aligns with what you identified in Step 2.

Step 4: Perform what we call keep, stop, and add.  Of all the things you are currently doing in your new role, what do you need to keep doing, what do you need to stop doing, and what do you need to add to your routine to ensure success?

Step 5: Go execute and tweak/adjust along the way.

It’s seriously that simple and it is the proven blueprint to getting success with speed.

Access your workbook here to execute the 5-step process and create your own blueprint.

If you want our support in creating your own personalized blueprint, we are here to support you!  Join the next cohort HERE.

Be Legendary!