We are diving into the much-needed topic of “owning our seat” as a first-year female executive.  In short, owning our seat is how we succeed as an executive and yet it’s the action we try to avoid the most when we first get promoted. This month we are diving into the psychology behind that avoidance and we are pushing past the fear and doubt in order to create our own executive success.

If you recall, last week we talked through what owning our seat means in a bit more detail and why we end up abdicating our chairs so to speak. If you missed it, go check it out. This week we are diving into the main method of owning your seat: using your voice.

That’s right.  I alluded to it last week but let’s be direct about it today.  

You are on the invite list to a specific meeting, conversation, or presentation for one reason only, to share your insight and knowledge.

Not for politics or kindness or because someone got confused about who needed to attend.  


Again, you’re there because you are expected to share your knowledge, opinion, and insight.  

Use your voice.  

While you may be fearful because you think you don’t know how to exec, know that you still have at least 10 years of experience and knowledge to help you.  

Speak up.

No one is looking for perfection, they just need a solution.  

They don’t need all of the answers they just need help making sure the path they want to pursue isn’t going to end up as a crap show with them as the headliner.

You can help because your knowledge and experience have prepared you to weigh in and provide insight.


Maybe you feel like a fish out of water in this situation because you’re growing into the executive ranks. But you can still have an impact while you grow.  It’s not a “this/then” statement.  Learn this, then speak up.  No.  You can do both simultaneously.

So that’s your answer.

Speak up.  Share your thoughts.  If you see an issue, speak up.  If you like an idea, speak and share factually why it’s a good path.  

Add value!

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Be Legendary!