Last week we agreed that the best way to own our seat at the executive table is to use our voice. So if we know this, why don’t we do it? 

Answer: We are afraid we are going to screw up and damage our reputations or brands.

So then let’s spend today talking through the best way to overcome that fear, create a process to prevent that damage, and then take action. 

Let’s define success when it comes to owning your seat at the table.

How do you know when you successfully own your seat by using your voice and adding value?  What does good look like?

There are two ways to know:

  1. Look to a key leader who has the respect and appreciation of the room.  How is he/she adding value by using his/her voice?  

Observe them.  Listen to how they interject, how they provide feedback or suggestions, etc.  Make a note of what they do well, behaviors and actions you would like to adopt because they fit your leadership style, etc.  Steal shamelessly.

2. Get feedback.  Ask your supervisor or peer how you’re doing.  If you speak up, ask how it landed in the room.  If you didn’t speak up, ask if that was the right action to take at that moment.

In other words, learn from someone else’s patterns as well as your own.  Find a role model and model them.  Then look in the mirror and identify the behaviors that you want to keep and those you wish to eliminate.

This can take some time as you are waiting to observe and model someone you may not interact with on a regular basis.  Don’t get discouraged.  Give yourself some grace and recognize that you can work with someone outside of your organization to speed up your growth curve.

Show up and use your voice like you already know how to do.  Perfect that behavior and performance by modeling and adjusting.

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Be Legendary!