It’s the last episode in the series and I think it’s the best episode because we are going to bring everything together and we are going to outline how you can drive change and have an impact in your role today.

As we have already discussed, owning your seat is a must as an exec. 

This ownership is how you add value to the company and adding value is why you exist in the organization.

Now, we know that fear is powerful and that fear can hold us back from owning our seats, driving change, and having an impact. The key is to push past the fear.

How do you do that?  By drawing upon the years of experience that got you into the role and using that knowledge when you speak up.

Share insights, ideas, perspectives, cautions, anything and everything that will help the company and the customer.  

Remember, add value. 

Remember, growth and value happen concurrently not sequentially.  So add value and grow into your role at the same time.

Let’s take it one step further.  As a new exec, the second major component of owning your seat (in addition to using your voice) is reading the room and the cues.

You must know who is in the room, how they are feeling, what they are thinking, and learn their tells.  

Remember how we talked about patterns last week?  You must observe and note the patterns of your role model so you can mimic their behaviors and grow into using your voice, right?

You must not stop there.  Make notes about the key players in your meetings.  Learn their expressions, body language, keywords, etc.  

This isn’t to manipulate, this is to simply prepare you to be a top-notch negotiator as you continue to grow into using your voice and owning your seat.

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Be Legendary!