We must add value if we are going to be valuable to the organization.

Think about it for a second.  

How many people actually know that adding value is the secret to success?  

How many people, if they would just add value instead of living in fear as we talked about last week, would have an amazing career?

Adding value is the space where you must live if you want to create executive success and that’s why we are diving into this topic this entire month. 

Are you ready for today’s topic? Today we are talking about how you can truly identify your contributions.

If you think you’re adding value, how do you know for certain? Let’s walk away this week knowing for certain the level of value we are adding to the organization.

If you look at the 3 components of how your organization defines value, your job description, performance metrics, and bonus targets, how are you doing?

It’s self-assessment time.

I asked you in the first episode to define if you are raising the bar on your current performance or if you are starting from zero.

Today we are going to get abundantly clear on this.

You’re going to do the two actions I am constantly pushing you to do:

  1. You’re going to look at the 3 components the organization provided to you and you’re going to rate yourself.  On a scale of 1 -10, how are you doing on each of the 3?
    1. Don’t give yourself a score to feel better about yourself or to give yourself a hard time.  Be honest.
  2. Once you do your self-assessment, you’re going to ask others for feedback.  a. Ask someone you trust who will give you the honest truth to tell you how you’re performing on each of the 3 components.  If they rate you higher, know that you’re hard on yourself and it’s a raise-the-bar moment for you.  If they rated you lower than you rated yourself, chances are you are starting from zero and you need to reset your focus and priorities. 

Once you have done these two activities you will know with full clarity how you are performing.

Are you adding value or keeping yourself safe?

Could you be doing more or are you doing too much?

Do the work this week.  

Reach out and let’s chat through it if you need some support.

Be Legendary!