Have you been adding value this month? Did you do the work last week (rating yourself and getting feedback)? If not, definitely go do that. Today’s episode builds on last week’s work. Because today, we will be getting down to business and ensuring that when you’re “working,” you are doing the functions and actions that add the most value.

So let’s roll up our sleeves and do it.

Last week we identified how we are performing as it relates to the actions the company values.  

This week we are going to take those lists of activities the company is asking us to do and we are going to compare that list to our calendar.

Now, if you remember the work from week 2, week 2 we simply looked at the calendar and said, “What am I putting on the calendar that makes me feel valuable but isn’t actually adding value?”

In that exercise, we should have eliminated the emotional, “feel better” work that we had been spending time on.

Today we will be looking at everything on the calendar, even special projects, volunteer work for the company, etc., and asking if each action is time well spent.

Grab your calendar.  Look at each function or activity the company is asking of you.  Then find each of those items on the calendar.

Are you spending time on those functions?

If not, add them to your calendar.

Once you have everything on your calendar that the company is asking you to execute, ask yourself what you can remove from your calendar. 

What must you add to your calendar or spend more time on that your company values and what must you remove such that you have the time to focus on the right value-add activities?

Note, I’m not saying you remove family events or self-care activities, etc. I’m talking about work functions on your calendar that simply don’t need to be there anymore.

This is how you double down on your efforts and add maximum value.  

If it’s on your calendar, it’s done.  So ensure your calendar is a reflection of where you must spend your time.

If you want another set of eyes, schedule some time with me, and let’s look at it together.

Be Legendary!