It’s the end of August.  We are approaching Labor Day weekend.  Maybe some cooler weather is on the horizon.  Who knows, right?  But what we do know is that we have spent this entire month focused on adding value. We know that adding maximum value in our executive roles ensures we are assets to the organization and assets are very valuable to the organization itself. We want to add value to be valuable!

What’s the fastest way to add value?  

Answer: Understand what the organization values and do that.

But what if you can’t do that?

What if the company says it wants one thing but actually rewards another?

What if you fully believe you are adding value per company expectations but you’re not being rewarded or recognized for it?

What if there is a breakdown between what the company is asking of you vs. what is being rewarded?

This is a hard place to be.  It’s the, “what am I doing wrong” place.

The unfortunate reality is that sometimes this happens.

It occurs due to one of two reasons:

1. We aren’t performing like we think we are. 

Sometimes we have blindspots that prevent us from seeing the truth.  

Sometimes we need someone to guide us in order to get the clarity we need so that we can add value.

2. What the company says it values and what it is rewarding are two different things.

I can sit here and tell you to look at the 3 guiding documents to help you get clear on what the company values. But if you know you’re delivering on those aspects of your role and yet your performance reviews, your annual bonus, etc. do not correlate with that effort and result, there is a gap.

The solution for this is the same as the solution for #1, you have to get some help.

Sometimes we need someone to help us, guide us, and show us the way.

You must learn to steal shamelessly to succeed.


Stealing shamelessly means you find a mentor, you find someone who has done what you want to do and can thoroughly teach you how to do it.

Whether it’s eliminating blindspots or deciphering what the company truly values, a mentor can help you.

A mentor can be someone inside of your organization or outside of it.  

The key is to find someone to guide you! 

If you want outside support, know that we are here to do exactly that.  We have a program here at Legend Leaders 100% designed to help you add value to the organization in 60 days.  

We have small group cohorts launching monthly and we offer 1:1 coaching if you don’t like to be in a group.  

Connect with me and let’s get you adding maximum value!

Be Legendary!