This month we are talking through the concept of promotion vs. preparation and why these two concepts must be understood and applied if we want to create a high-performance executive brand as a new executive.  Today we are solving the conundrum of what we feel like are competing forces: promotion vs. preparation.

As a high-performing, high achieving, female leader, you are either in two situations right now.

1. You’re newly promoted and you are suddenly realizing through this promotion that you are not prepared.  When you’re not prepared you can’t do what?  You can’t perform.

We must perform!  So we need to prepare to exec correctly, i.e., perform at the executive level.  


By learning the methods and strategies of successful executive leadership and applying them quickly to get results.  Speed matters.  You have a small window of time to perform.  You’re career and your professional brand are depending on your ability to learn, apply, and pivot accordingly.

2. You’re on the fast track to promotion into an executive role and you are seeing the warning signs that tell you you may not be prepared to exec.  So you are looking around, telling yourself you will sacrifice even more of your time for your career right now because you cannot afford to screw this up.  Speed of both learning and applying your new learnings are critical for you because there are only so many hours in the day and you can only run on fumes for so long before you burn out.

To solve either of these scenarios you must do what executives do best, steal shamelessly.  You must seek to find proven solutions or strategies.  That looks like the following (download the workbook to access these questions):

  1. Ask a mentor for feedback regarding your personal development into a high-performing executive.
  2. Ask your supervisor for feedback.
  3. Look into the developmental training programs your organization has available to support you.

If you don’t feel comfortable asking or you don’t have access to internal training programs, the bottom line is that you still must solve this gap between your current performance and executive performance.  Your professional brand depends on it.

The gap must be eliminated.  So no matter your situation, let’s get you into The Executive Way program here at Legend Leaders.  Email us at to schedule a call and let’s get you prepared to exec correctly!

Be Legendary!