Last week we kicked off this mini-series by defining the 4 Ps and how they work together.  This month we are diving into phase 2 of the 4 Ps: Performance vs. Permission.

Let me ask you, what is performance really?  What do you think about when you hear the word “performance?”

I would wager a guess that for you, the word performance is almost synonymous with the word success.

You are performing in order to be successful.  

What I want you to catch here is that performance actually generates success, they are not one and the same.  You cannot assume that performance means success.  

This may sound silly that I am driving this point home but this is a big deal.

Many top performers assume that their performance and success are synonymous.  

The reality is that if you perform FIRST, you reap the benefits of that performance, which is success.

Why does that matter?

Because many times we’re not successful.  We believe are doing what we think we must do, yet we aren’t experiencing the internal confidence or outward signs of praise and appreciation that align with success.  We wonder why we aren’t successful because after all, we are doing something.

The key here is that while we are doing something, we aren’t actually performing.

Performing at the executive level means we are execing correctly.  It means we have created a strong executive brand by learning exactly what the company needs from us, and how the organization defines value, and we are showing up each day to add value to the company.  Each day.

Execing correctly is adding daily value. When we add daily value, we are performing as expected in our executive role.

When we perform, then we are successful.

Are you with me?

Don’t confuse performance with success.

Don’t confuse action with performance.

You must exec correctly to truly perform as an executive.  And when you do that, you get to move to the next P, which we will discuss next week: permission.

Get the workbook to help you take action on today’s episode.  When you’re ready to truly perform at the executive level, schedule a call with my team, and let’s help you strengthen your brand and start performing so you can have true success.

Be Legendary!