We have been diving into the methods of supportive people leadership. In other words, we have realized that when we focus on ourselves, we aren’t focused on serving others.  So if we truly want to be exceptional people leaders, if we are focused on mastering The 1 Rule, then part of “adding value” is adding value to others.  In order to add value to others, we must truly understand what the other person wants or needs.  Over the previous episodes, we learned about the 6 human needs.  Now let’s focus on identifying and meeting their needs.

Each time I teach the 6 human needs, the question at the end of the training is always: “How do I know which need to meet at which time?”  

While we all have the same needs, what makes us different is the order in which we place these needs.  Most people put the 4 primary needs first because 1. they are primary after all and 2. they don’t have the knowledge to intentionally change the order of the needs.  They set the order of their needs based on experiences and didn’t have the knowledge to change their order.  Know this, you had the same 6 human needs and you were getting them met/fulfilled well before you listened to these episodes.  Knowledge and understanding don’t create the needs, they simply allow you to understand them and take more consistent action to meet them.  

That said, let’s talk about how to interpret information from our teams so that we can understand and meet the needs of our team.

First, listen for the keywords that will clue you in to the needs they must have met.

A team member has hurt feelings because someone else got the credit or the opportunity. Need: significance.

An individual needs to feel safe.  They are fearful they will make a mistake, won’t know the answer, or will be embarrassed.  Need: certainty.

A person feels: bored and/or tired of the same routine.  “I have to do that again?!”  Need: Uncertainty or variety.

Feeling alone, not wanting to do a project solo, saying they think no one on the team likes them, etc.  Need: connection/love.

A desire to talk to others, pick your brain, attend conferences, etc.  Need: growth.

A need to understand the impact on the customer, the community, and the world.  Need: contribution.

Many times we can get frustrated when we ask for someone to step up, to execute, to help, etc. and they just miss the mark or they don’t step forward.  How many times have you encouraged someone to volunteer, ask a question, or simply step into their greatness and they adamantly refuse?  Many times we get frustrated because we are so confused by their response.  Instead of getting frustrated, seek to understand.

What do they need from you, their leader?  

How can you help them, by meeting their need, so in turn they execute and deliver in the business?

Ask yourself these two questions, observe their behavior, ask questions to determine the need they must have met in that moment, then work to support that need.

Be Legendary!