Welcome to the third episode in the series I’m calling Performance vs. Permission.  Last week we dove into the concept of performance.  At this point, we have a clear understanding of what performance really means, who defines it, and how we actually achieve it.  If you didn’t listen to last week’s episode, go check it out because we are about to build on those concepts in today’s episode.  What are we talking about today?  Permission!

Now, as a high-achieving, high-performing woman you are saying to yourself, “I don’t ask for permission.”

OK, I hear you.  I used to tell myself something similar.  

That said, let’s walk through this, shall we?

When we talk about permission here at Legend Leaders, we aren’t talking about asking an external source if we are allowed to perform a specific action or task.

Because you’re right, you don’t ask for permission from your work team, your family, etc.

However, you DO ask permission from yourself.

No one holds the bar higher than you when measuring yourself, your performance, your professional success, your personal success, etc.

You are much harder on yourself than anyone else ever could be. So if you asked the external world where the bar is, it wouldn’t even come close to how high you have already set it for yourself.  So for that reason and more, you don’t ask for permission from the world.

But because you are the one measuring your own success and performance, you have a very specific rule in your brain.

That rule goes something like, “When I achieve THIS, when I get to THIS place, when I have THIS title, when I’m making THIS much money, when I’m having THIS much impact, when I get to THIS place, then I will allow for these other things in my life.”

That’s what permission looks like for us.

We set the target and we refuse to waiver until we hit it.

Most likely, you’ve been sacrificing a large percentage of your personal life up to this point.  You have worked early mornings, late nights, weekends, vacations, etc.  You do that and you justify it by saying, “I just can’t sit still, this is who I am.”

Let me be clear.  This is who you are making yourself be because you refuse to give yourself permission to be any other way.  This is not WHO you truly are, this is who you MUST be to get to where you want to be in life.

This sacrificial mindset exists to ensure you perform so that once you hit a personally defined mark of performance, THEN and only THEN will you give yourself permission to be anything otherwise.

Do you understand the concept of “permission” as a high-achieving executive leader?

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