You have stepped up your leadership game these last few weeks, learning about the 6 human needs, how to recognize the need requests in others, and how to respond in order to help meet those needs.  But what about your needs?  What are they?  Are they serving you and your team or are your needs getting in the way?  Today we are diving into influencing your needs as a means of allowing you to show up and be the servant leader you want to be.

Recall the exercise we did at the beginning of the month?  You did the gut check and assessed your leadership at that moment.  I asked you to look at the stories you are telling yourself to support the type of leader you believe yourself to be. Recall how I shared that we will even lie to ourselves to meet our primary needs?  Were the stories you were telling yourself simply stories that justify and meet your top two needs?

It’s time to be honest with ourselves.  

If we are saying we are servant leaders, and yet we are focused on our own job security or level of importance first and foremost, then we are not acting as servant leaders.  Servant leadership comes from consistently putting the need of “contribution” first.  (Your desire to give and serve simply to help someone else.)

What are your top two needs?  

What has been driving you and your leadership style up to this point?  

Do you need to change the order of your needs to be a better leader for your team; to be a servant leader?

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Be Legendary!