Welcome to the last episode of this series: performance vs. permission.  We have been diving into both of these concepts as it relates to our professional lives; what they are, why they matter, how they work together, and how we become consciously aware of these two components so that we can use this knowledge to get what we want out of life.  Today we are tying it all together to understand how performance drives permission. Don’t forget to get the workbook to support you as you work through these details today.

As you know, we defined performance as adding daily value to the organization in order to exec correctly. If you remember, we said that value is defined by the company or organization, not us.  We cannot be successful in our role until we understand how the company defines value and then we add value through executive-level performance.

Once we believe we are performing, then we can move into the phase of giving ourselves permission.  Specifically, permission to stop sacrificing and start living.  However, we can’t get there until we confirm without a doubt that our performance is on point as defined by the company.  How do we know we are on track and performing?  For most of us, that measure is a bonus, a good performance review, a pay raise, a promotion, etc.  Tangible points of feedback tell us we are performing and we are on track.

Now, as high-performing women, permission is critical in our lives.  We have set professional targets that once achieved, allow us to be better moms, spouses, and friends.

Said differently, when we feel we are execing correctly we then allow ourselves to mom correctly, wife correctly, and friend correctly.

If you’re ready to create your brand so you can perform, now is the time to take definitive action.  Not by listening to another podcast program, not by grabbing a book someone told you to read, and not by saying “I’ll get to that later.”


It’s by taking action.  It’s by learning what performance looks like in your company and doing it.  It’s by ensuring your performance is on point and leaving no room for error.  It’s by locking in your bonus this year and beyond.

Now, you can do that on your own and that’s fantastic.  You can also do it with a group of like-minded women who will help you learn the proper strategies, execute with speed, and walk alongside you as you do it.  That second pathway is achieved by joining The Executive Way program.  This program is a 2-phase, 14-month program designed specifically to get you performing so you can give yourself personal permission.

You will spend the first 60 days creating the foundation of your high-performance executive brand and start generating immediate results.  This will give you the confidence, clarity, and certainty to grant yourself that personal permission and continue on the path of strengthening your brand.  The 12-month portion of the program is where the magic happens because as you strengthen your brand, you start stepping into giving yourself more and more permission to live.  Not only that, you will lock in your bonus while preparing yourself for your next promotion/pay raise.  

We have perfected the methods so you can step into the life you want.

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Be Legendary!