Ready to become a Legend?

We understand how hard it is to step out of your corporate career and run your own business with your inner villain of self-doubt holding you back.

When you get the amazing courage to step out and forge your own path, you quickly to start to feel alone and you start doubting your skills.  You are learning but there is so much to learn, you have no idea where to start, and when you do learn it, you feel like you should have already applied that yesterday.  You don’t think you will ever feel caught up.

You’re not living the life you thought you would have when you were dreaming about your business.

 Let us help you create the business and live the life you deserve, your Legendary Life.


While this journey is 100% yours, I’m here to help.

Hi, I’m Katrina Jamison


and I have been where you are.


Wanting to step out of my corporate career but feeling guilty, like I was ungrateful for the life I had created.  Afraid I wouldn’t be as successful or have the salary I was accustomed to.  Fearful that I would lose my friends, lose the support of my family, or ultimately that I would let my spouse and kids down.


I get how overwhelming that can feel.  But let me tell you, you absolutely deserve to feel fulfilled, have an impact on the world, and have a solid income.


It took me 7 years to figure out how to step away from the corporate world and I missed out on so much of my life during that time.  That’s why I created Legend Leaders and the Legend signature programs to help you stop wasting time, stop missing out on your life, and ultimately live the life you deserve.  


Your secret weapon!

In business, time is money and that’s why my leadership style is honest, transparent, and direct. I want my clients to think of me as that friend she can always count on. (You know, the one that supports you but would never let you walk out of the house in that outfit!) I’m going to tell you the truth and teach you the strategies you need to know because I have your best interests at heart. My commitment is to teach you, support you, increase your confidence, develop a personalized roadmap of success, and celebrate your results. Because of course, it’s you who will be slaying each day.

Let’s do this!

You know you are ready to take the next step in living your Legendary Life. Click below and get started!