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We understand how frustrating it can be when you have worked hard to create a successful career/business and yet feel trapped.  On the outside, you seem to have it all.  But on the inside, you know life is meant to be more than this.  How many times have you heard:  

“Why can’t you just be happy with what you have?!”

You look around and everyone else seems completely satisfied to trade their time for money.  Not you.  You want both achievement and happiness. But how do live freely and not damage your income (i.e., your career/business)?  

Which rules must you master to keep you financially secure and which rules can you change to have your life of freedom and happiness?  

You haven’t been able to answer that question and as a result, you have settled. No more! It’s time to get you in a position where you excel, contribute, have a secure income, and live life on your terms!


Hi! I’m Katrina Jamison

and I used to be just like you!

I had a successful corporate career for over 15 years and “achieved” in my career without issue.  I was rapidly promoted, won multiple awards, made large sums of money, and had a life the majority of the world would envy.   Yet I was miserable.

I wanted to live a life of freedom.  I was tired of sacrificing my personal life in order to feel secure in my career.  I wanted to feel successful, happy, and like I was living my purpose and using my gifts.  I wanted it all.  Yet I didn’t know how to safely make the changes in my life to have both happiness and a secure career.

It took me over 5 years to figure out The 1 Rule that once I mastered it, allowed me to feel secure and therefore empowered me to reset the rules regarding how I wanted to truly live my life.

I then applied the same mastery in my businesses and realized this rule works whether you are an employee or a business owner.

That rule is all about value.  When you add value to benefit others and you master the methods of adding recognizable value, you become irreplaceable in the marketplace.

Your secret weapon!

In business, time is money and that’s why my mentoring style is honest, transparent, and direct. I want my clients to think of me as that friend that will both call you out and celebrate you when you need it. I’m going to push you past your fears and self-doubts while teaching you the strategies you need to succeed both personally and professionally.  Our relationship is your secret weapon!


Let’s do this!

You know you are ready to start living life on your terms. Click below to schedule your 15-minute, no-fee call, and let’s transform your life.