It’s Time to Arrive!

We understand how frustrating it can be to create a successful career and/or business and yet feel like you still haven’t arrived.  

 You look around and everyone else seems completely satisfied with their professional lives.  Not you.  Because of this dissatisfaction, now you’re questioning everything; yourself, your skills, your leadership, and ultimately your life vision.  

You’re worried that if you don’t figure out what’s missing and how to close the professional gap, you’re going to destroy all of you hard work.

It’s time to focus on your brand.

If you’re a female corporate executive, you must create and strengthen your high-performance executive brand.

If you’re a female business owner generating $1M in annual revenue, you must solidify your brand in the market. 

 Solidify your brand and eliminate the doubt, fear, frustration you’re feeling so you can celebrate your achievements and start living!


Hi! I’m Katrina Jamison

and I used to be just like you!

I had a successful corporate career for over 15 years.  I was rapidly promoted, won multiple awards, had P&L responsibility for billions of dollars and thousands of lives, and had a life the majority of the world would envy.   Yet I was miserable.

Upon being promoted to my first executive role, I realized I was completely unprepared to exec correctly.  You see, I knew how to run a business but I didn’t know how to lead as an executive.  This realization and the experience that came along with it was the kickstart of Legend Leaders.

Since its inception, Legend has existed to help women eliminate the struggles of executive leadership (in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds) so they can start living life on their terms, a Legend Life.

If you’re ready to create/strengthen your professional or business brand, it’s time to work with us.


Your secret weapon!

In business, time is money and that’s why our mentoring style is honest, transparent, and direct. We want our clients to think of us as that friend that will both call you out when necessary and celebrate you always. That said, know that we will intentionally push you past your fears and self-doubts while teaching you the strategies you need to succeed both personally and professionally.  Our relationship is your secret weapon!


Let’s do this!

Time is your most valuable resource so don’t waste it!

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