On this “Ask Katrina,” the question is:

Am I a good leader? How do I know?

Have you ever wondered if you were a good leader?

I mean, you think you are but . . . how do you know?

What is a good leader?

Who decides if you’re a good leader or not?

It seems we have more questions than answers.

When we start in an executive role, we feel like we are guessing and working down a path of trial and error more than applying proven methods.

Given that there’s no manual for “execing correctly” (unless you are in Legend Leaders), it’s no wonder we consistently wonder how we are doing in our leadership role.

Let’s talk through how you know if you’re a good leader.

Who Decides If You’re a Good Leader?

Ultimately, the individuals you must ask are your direct reports and the people on your team.

After all, aren’t they the ones you are working to support as a leader?

Aren’t they the ones who should then decide if your leadership is up to par or lacking?

However, asking their team for feedback is most leaders’ last resort. Especially those leaders who are newer to the leadership ranks.

Why is that?

It’s not like if you ask, you will suddenly clue them on your leadership performance.

They already know!

Ask them.

Ready for the second piece of this process?

Ask them more than once.

Build a personal routine to ask them:

  1. How you’re doing? If you are supporting them in the right way. What you could be doing better.
  2. How you can support them at the moment?

Think about it.

Most leaders reach out to their direct reports to ask for an update or get an answer of some sort.

In other words, leaders typically call direct reports in order to GET something. As leaders, the entire point of leadership isn’t to “take,” from the team, but to serve them.

The reality is that if you’re consistently calling your team and taking, you’re not serving.

Ensure before you end a call, a meeting, a touch base, or a texting conversation, you ask, “How can I support you?”

Build this routine for yourself.

The team may not take you seriously the first few times you offer. But as you do it with frequency, they will start to ask for your help when they truly need it.

Ready for the third piece of advice here?

When you offer to help them and they actually tell you something they need, DO IT!

Don’t make your offer an empty sound bite. Make it a true offer to help them and then follow through and help them.

Build trust by offering, listening, and then delivering. You must do all 3 to be a good leader.

Leaders Don’t Wait

So how do you know if you’re a good leader?

You ask the team you’re leading for their feedback and then you consistently show up and support them.

Leaders don’t wait to lead nor do they wait on others to offer feedback in order to adjust their performance. They get data and they act on it.

If you’re wondering if you’re a good, effective leader, go find out. Ask your team!

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