On this episode of “Ask Katrina,” the question is:

Am I ready for a promotion?

As executive women who are actively climbing the ladder, that is one of the most common questions we are consistently asking ourselves.

So the question I have for you is, why are you questioning?

There are only two reasons why we question if we are ready for the next position:

  1. We believe we aren’t
  2. We believe we should have been promoted long ago

Promotion: I’m Not Ready

The “I’m not ready” mindset tends to be the most common reason we hesitate when we are asked to step into a promotion.

Of course, this fear is perfectly normal.

Think about it, did you ever feel ready to ride your bike without training wheels until you did it? Did you ever feel ready to swim on your own until you were doing it?

The answer is usually no.

We usually don’t feel fully ready until we are in the midst of taking the action. It’s just human nature.

Don’t let the fact that you have never done it before hold you back from doing it.

Now I’m also keenly aware that this may not be the only fear holding you back. What if you’re fear isn’t due to not having done it before, what if you really believe you’re not ready?

If that’s your worry, remember this, if you meet every qualification and job requirement, you’re not qualified for the role you’re overqualified!

The point of a new position is to stretch and grow you.

In order to be ready to promote, you must be lacking a few of the requirements so that you can grow into the role.

So now looking at the promotion coming your way, are you ready, are you qualified, or are you overqualified?

Promotion: I’m Beyond Ready

I have seen the opposite happen as well, not only are you ready, you are beyond ready.

This could be due, as I just said, because you not only meet the requirements, you exceed them.

It could also occur because you have been waiting on this promotion for years and have almost given up hope. To the point that now, to get this promotion, you feel overqualified, uninterested, and maybe even a bit slighted.

If you’re in a place where you believe the next promotion wouldn’t serve you or the organization, don’t take it. I know you have a career map in your mind and I also know you have a mentor encouraging you every step of the way.

But who said you couldn’t change your mind?

Who said that you had to stick with the career progression map you created?

No one.

If you believe the promotion wouldn’t serve you, don’t take it. Look around at the career pathways and choose a different route.

Make yourself ready for a promotion that when secured, accomplishes two things: 1. helps you grow and 2. allows you to add maximum value to the organization.

All roads can still lead to your ultimate executive position while also having you more prepared and more ready for the role than your original career map ever would have had you.

If you’re stuck in either the “I’m not ready” or the “I’m past ready” positions when it comes to a potential promotion, or you’re wondering how to successfully navigate your career path in order to “exec correctly,” reach to us here at Legend Leaders and let us help.

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