Welcome to another Ask Katrina. This is the final, third video answering the question,

“Hey, Katrina, what actions do I need to take upon becoming a new exec?”

If you listened to the first video, we talked about mindset. (If you haven’t, go check that out.)

The second video last week, was all about finding a mentor; having someone guide us down this pathway.

Today’s vlog is all about action.

The question fundamentally is, what do I need to do?

So the third step is actually to start “doing.”

If you find someone who can teach you the strategies and skills, i.e., your mentor, then step number 3 is to go execute what they are teaching you.

You need to actually get to work, take action, and move forward.

I see so many women who are paralyzed by the question, “Which path do I take?”

Or, “What do I need to do?”

You have the mindset, you have a mentor, now take action.

Great, let’s go!

But then the next question arises.


When do I need to apply the strategy? Should I wait? Or should I pull the trigger?”

The answer is, go do it.

The Third Step is to Take Action

Now, I know that sounds crazy.

But sometimes you simply need someone to give you permission to take action.

So here it is.

I’m giving you permission to not get it right immediately out of the gate.

I’m giving you permission to show up and not be fully put together but with the knowledge that you are putting it all together as you move forward.

I’m giving you permission to show up at that executive meeting, raise your hand, and add some value.

And maybe it might not be perfect, but it’s better than sitting there and not doing anything at all.

The only way that we figure certain things out is by doing it.

We’ve got to show up and get things done. Now, let me be really clear.

I’m not talking about showing up and just throwing random things at the wall and seeing what sticks.

That’s why you’ve got a mentor.

That’s why you have a guide that will tell you, “Hey, do this action first.”

I’m not talking about guesswork.

I’m not talking about trial and error.

We eliminated that last week.

What I’m talking about is once you meet with your mentor or your guide, and they tell you, here’s where we want you to start, here’s where you need to go, go do that.

Go show up.

Give yourself permission to show up and go take action and get it done.

The worst thing you can do is be confident and ready to go and have the strategies at your fingertips, but not implement them.

That’s pointless.

Go have an impact.

Take action.

If you want help. Let me know. We’re here to help serve you always.