Welcome to another Ask Katrina. Today the question is,

“Hey, Katrina, I hear you talk about becoming an irreplaceable asset in the business. Why do I want to become an irreplaceable asset?”

Let’s define what it is first.

Don’t think about it through your professional lens for a second, let’s just erase that.

What I want you to do is think about this in general, what does the term irreplaceable asset mean to you?

To me, being an irreplaceable asset means a couple things.

What is an Asset?

First being an asset means that that item is valuable.

An asset means that it is valuable to me, something that I really don’t want to lose.

From a worldly perspective, not a financial perspective, when we think of an asset, we think of something of value, meaning I personally value it because I am the decision maker as to what defines value to me or not, right?

I define value.

When you become an asset to an organization, the organization has defined value, and they see you as valuable to them. You are an asset to the business, which means you’re valuable to the business.

When you’re valuable to the business or when you’re valuable to the person who decides value, (your spouse, for example), they don’t want to lose you, you’re important to them, you’re valuable to them.

When you become an asset, in the eyes of an organization, a person, a relationship, you fill in the blank, when you become an asset, that means that they don’t want to lose you.

They want to keep you. Now keeping and controlling are not the same thing. They don’t want to control, they simply want to keep you in their lives/company/organization, etc.

They find you valuable, and they want to keep you around because you continue to add value to them.

You add value, they see you as valuable, which means they want to keep you.

Why Become an Irreplaceable Asset?

So what does irreplaceable mean?

It means you cannot be replaced.

Being an irreplaceable asset at work doesn’t mean that you hoard all of this information, that only you know all the answers, that you’re not a collaborative leader, and that you hang on tightly to things because you want control.

No, that’s not what makes an irreplaceable asset, an irreplaceable asset.

Because if you’re hoarding information and not sharing it inherently, you’re not an asset, you’re not valuable to the organization.

You’re actually harming the organization in that instance.

Being an irreplaceable asset simply means that you are adding so much value to the relationship or to the company, in a way that only you can.

As a result, the company values your contributions so much they don’t want to lose you. That’s what makes you an irreplaceable

Why do we want to be an irreplaceable asset?

Well, what do we typically want from our organization from the company that we work for?

We want is we want to feel valued.

We want to know, through feeling valued, that our position is secure.

We also want to be acknowledged and appreciated through both words and actions (awards, performance reviews, pay raises, bonuses, etc.).

Every person wants to know that they’re doing a good job, that they’re adding value, that they are valuable, that they’re secure in their role, that they’re doing all the right things.

We want to be rewarded for our efforts when we know that we’re putting in the efforts in the right way.

So when we become an irreplaceable asset, it’s a win win situation. The company wins because you’re adding so much value in a way that only you can and your actions help move the organization forward. As a result of them winning, you win because you get compensated, you get job security, you get to have the impact, and drive change in the organization in the way that you want to do and have that impact and drive that change.

That’s why you want to become an irreplaceable asset.

It is the perfect situation for you to create for yourself.

Because when you’re an irreplaceable asset in the eyes of the organization, you get to do something really amazing in your personal life. When you are contributing in a way that only you can and you are being recognized for that contribution, you feel confident in your performance at work.

When you’re feeling good and you’re feeling secure, you do something amazing for yourself. You give yourself permission to actually breathe and live your life.

You’re doing so well professionally, that that translates and carries over into your personal life.

Professional success translates into you giving yourself personal permission to live life on your terms.

If you’re ready to become an irreplaceable asset, then you’ve got to master The 1 Rule.

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