I have women who ask me: “Why do I feel trapped in my career?” I’m answering that in this quick video.

The short answer is: it’s not because you designed your career path that way, it’s not because you took a wrong turn on that path, it’s because you are experiencing career fear.

Step 1: Identify the Fear

You can’t overcome a mental block until you pinpoint the exact cause.

In order to move past the fear, you must acknowledge it. This can be the scariest action for a lot of women because as high-achievers, we don’t say, “I’m afraid.” We say things like, “I have this problem I need to solve.”

While career fear is a problem, you won’t solve it until you acknowledge it as the root of your limitations.


By simply letting yourself realize that you have some honest fears regarding your career.

Step 2: Understand the Fear

Once you acknowledge it, you must understand where the fear is coming from.

There are several components to this.

We create the opportunity for career fear to creep in when we decide that our careers will be the vehicle for the life we want to live.

When our careers are the “how” regarding “how we will create the life of our dreams,” we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to deliver in our careers.

Can can handle pressure, but not an unrelenting, unresolvable amount of pressure.

As we start to feel this pressure over time, we seek to solve it. What is the pressure?

The need to know how to create consistent career success and security so that we can create the life we have envisioned for ourselves.

This is how we step into career fear.

Career fear stems from the fact that we honestly have no clue what we must do to maintain our success and therefore create career security.

If I was jumping on one foot, rubbing my stomach, and patting my head when I was last promoted, do I continue to do those things as part of maintaining my success?

These are the questions we ask ourselves. We want to know what we must keep doing, start doing, and what we can stop doing.

And we are stressed because we seriously don’t know the answer!

No one has ever handed us a piece of paper that says: here are the 10 things you must do each day in your career. If you do them daily, consistently, and with the proper intention, you will be successful.

We feel like we are constantly guessing or adapting with every new position and new leader we report to in the organization.

The second root of our fear is due to the fact that we believe we should know what to do, and since we don’t, we believe we have screwed up. So we spend time daily stressing and trying to figure it out before someone notices.

So let’s recap this quickly. Career fear is a fear within us because:

  1. We don’t have definitive knowledge of what actions drive success and security in our careers. We feel like we are guessing and this situation is too critical to be guessing.
  2. We believe that we should know what to do to maintain our success and since we don’t, we are afraid we have screwed up along the way. We don’t know how or where, so we are trying to figure that out too so we can fix it.

Before we get to step 3, I want to let you in on a little secret.

You aren’t the only person feeling this fear and wondering where it’s coming from.

It is super common!

Step 3: Eliminate the Fear

Now that you have identified it and understand it, it’s time to eliminate it.

Realize that you haven’t screwed up, you didn’t take a wrong turn on your career path, and the only person expecting you to have already figured this out is you.


Because over 90% of executives haven’t figured it out either!

So how do you eliminate career fear?

By applying The 1 Rule of career success to become an irreplaceable asset in your organization.

An irreplaceable asset knows exactly what to do each day to be successful and secure.

They add value!

If you’re ready to become an irreplaceable asset and kill the career fear, it’s time to take action.

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