Case Studies

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Let’s take a look at how we have helped other businesses improve and therefore have helped other leaders become Legends.  Each case study represents action taken in a business within a specific business phase.

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Case Studies

166,400 labor hours and $3M in wages saved annually

(Evolution Business Phase)

In order to run a solid business, you have to be able to measure your performance to your KPIs (key performance indicators)

Increased profit by $120M annually

(Mature Business Phase)

Successful businesses have efficient project management & communication processes in place that make sense.

The AIR2 Framework has a proven track record for success!


AMO creation and ticket generation: saved $120M annually (evolution phase)


Over a 12-month period, identified, prioritized, and executed over 50 business projects: grew sales by 30% and allowed for a reinvestment of $3M in newly generated profits (startup evolving to growth business phase)


Realignment of business units and teams to improve production: a 35% increase in through-put and a sales lift of 50% of the overall business in 10 weeks (growth business phase)

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