166,400 labor hours and $3M in wages saved annually


In order to run a solid business, you have to be able to measure your performance to your KPIs (key performance indicators)

Measure > Scale

Each person on the team or within the company has to look at the data through the same filters, along with seeing the same data during the same timeframe. 

This didn’t exist in a company I supported, and as a result, there were field leaders trying to run their own reports, manually keep up with KPIs, and influencing the business without completely understanding if what they were doing was really helped the business at all. 

On stage presenting the results to the organization

How I supported my client

Services Performed

I helped the team implement a Tableau-based reporting tool for the field, in both web and app form, to allow the field operators to pull data, run reports, and have a consistent measure of KPIs established by the company. The tool brought support, consistency, and immediate visibility to the KPIs that the home office leadership expected to be improved upon by the field. 

Results Delivered

This tool saved 8 hours of weekly manual labor for over 400 employees, resulting in $3M in basic wage savings. This ROI doesn’t include the improvement to the business the field leaders generated, both in sales, service, and profit because they had the visibility they needed to create foundational fixes in the business.

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