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Upon taking over a senior leadership position in operations strategy and communication, it was apparent that a large number of “to-dos” and projects were going to the customer-facing teams.  The volume was so high and so random, decisions were having to be made to either service the customer or execute the project. Not a good position to be in.

This was an environment that was hurting the business, the team, and the customer.  Additionally, there was a fully staffed communications team that existed to create communication around the projects at a moments notice, which resulted in inefficiencies. 

How I supported my client

Services Performed

Based on the issues, I created the “Activity Management Organization” (or AMO).  The AMO established a weekly meeting whereby office team leaders were expected to present their projects “to-dos” to an operational leadership group. The operations leadership group had responsibility for the entire field calendar. This calendar not only held the project launches, but also important business dates like holidays, end of the fiscal year, and other business critical dates that would impact service levels.  The AMO was responsible for balancing asks of the field in such a way that the projects and activities would be manageable while also ensuring service to the customer was not negatively impacted.  

This in conjunction with a field ticket system, to submit inquiries and information requests by way of a ticket generation program, with the question sent directly to the subject matter expert, vs. being routed by the communications team, streamlined the time the field leaders had as well as the communications team.

Results Delivered

Once implemented, the AMO and ticket generation process saved $120M annually in wages, due to more efficient time spent, improved customer service, and improved project execution by the field.

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