Are you a corporate executive stuck in the training cycle of death?  

Stop “investing” in your team and start getting results!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein 

Ready to trade the frustration and overwhelm for success and achievement?

As the leader of a large corporation, you want the business to not just survive, but thrive.  While the economy continues to change, the business landscape is altered, you have drawn your line in the sand.  The decline is not going to happen on your watch!  So what have you done?  You have read all the business journals you can get your hands on, chatted with friends and colleagues, watched CNN and listened to some podcasts, all of which are admirable.  You are truly invested in moving the company forward.

But this one nagging question keeps coming back up:

how do you generate consistent, steady growth in your company no matter the changes in the business world? 

Know this, business failure isn’t due to the economy, it’s due to your leadership team.

The “same old” actions aren’t working, so don’t go for the “same old” solutions.

Business consultants will tell you to research your industry, read the latest business magazines, listen to podcasts, or, even worse, they tell you to attend a program where they can teach you how they achieved success so you should do “exactly what they did” to achieve the same level of success.

What they are telling you to do is to follow everyone else and be reactive to the world around you.

Innovation isn’t cookie cutter!  So how do you get on the offensive side of growing your business, do it in a way that serves your customer, and have that growth be independent of the economy or world influences?

Step into your success; it’s time for you to be the Executive Legend you are meant to be

To thrive means that you must have a team of owners at all levels of your organization in order to drive change, growth, and exceed the customer’s expectations. Because the success or failure lies in the hands of your leadership team, you must create resilient, strong, owners. You must train your leadership team to think and act like entrepreneurs.

When you create a team of executives who own their business like entrepreneurs, that leadership team is innovating, failing fast, creating owners within their own teams, and are driven to serve the customer at all costs. Corporations that have entrepreneurial mindsets don’t fail, they iterate, change, and grow. Think Steve Jobs at Apple and you will understand what you are aiming for here.

Plain and simple, the world is always evolving. If you don’t have leaders who are driven to evolve, these leaders will cause your corporate downfall. It won’t happen tomorrow, but it will happen over several years. Once the damage is done and enough time has passed, the sinking ship will not be able to be saved, no matter the efforts.

Whether your company is facing hardship or is seeing exponential growth, your business must have owners of the business.

How do I know this isn’t another BS ploy that doesn’t work?

You may be thinking, I don’t need help teaching my team how to think like an owner, I can teach them that.  While that is true, is that your role?  

Allow me to come in and use my experience to support your business, be an outside perspective that you can simply reinforce, and together we can drive the change you need.  I can also provide an outside view of the dynamics of each of your leaders in order to help you successfully support them after the training.

Another common question is, when do I need this?  My business is fine and we really don’t have time for this right now. 

My challenge to you is, when is the right time?  Each day you have leaders making business decisions that will determine your long-term business success.  Instead of hoping your team is armed with the right business and leadership strategies, solve for it.  



My products are great and they drive the business.  Why do I need help if that’s the case?

Plain and simple, you must love your customer more than your product. The reality is that if you aren’t completely in love with your customer, constantly innovating and changing to meet their needs, you are already on a path of business failure. 

Most corporations teach executives to love their products because this focus causes them to push the company’s objectives.  If you and your team are not in love with the customer, your corporation does not have what it takes to survive long-term. 


Essential Package

This is for you if you are looking for a short yet impactful solution that will jumpstart your team for success!

For up to 8 executive team members, a 4 or 6 week one-size-does-not-fit-all training program will be developed.

This may include things like pre-work assessments, 1 on 1 coaching sessions, training sessions, building frameworks, developing processes, and building routines.

Investment: $12,500-$15,000

Platinum Package

If you are ready to go big and innovate, this is for you!

This package is for a company with an executive team of 4 or more leaders, looking for long-term (6 or 12-months) strategic planning, training, and support that will ensure you deliver to your KPIs and give you an edge over your competition. This package includes training sessions for up to 3 business teams, one of which is the executive team, and twice monthly, one on one executive consulting. If you have business targets you are struggling to meet, or if you are looking at the targets for the rest of the year and wondering how you will achieve them, this is your solution.

Investment: $10,000/mo