In an economic winter, how can a business still exceed customer expectations?

It seems that there are more barriers between the customer and the humble shopkeeper these days, doesn’t it?

If you are in business, either for yourself or for someone else, you are facing new challenges when it comes to customer service.

I don’t know of a company that can afford a stumble right now coming off of the heels of COVID.  

So what do we do? How do we serve customers in a way that everyone benefits?

Create a raving fan culture.

What is a Raving Fan Culture?

A raving fan culture is one whereby the employees are so keenly aware of the changes in the world and how those changes are impacting their customers, that they use that knowledge to overdeliver.

Remember that culture, simply put, is the way in which you work and get work done in the workplace.  It’s “how” you work.

In this instance, you are creating a culture of putting the customer (from now on, let’s call them clients as that’s really how we want to think of them) first and ensuring everything you do is for their benefit.

You put them first and you add more value than anyone else.


When you empower your employees to think about the client in all that they do, they will focus on exceeding that client’s expectations at every turn. They will work hard to give more to the client, vs. take.

That is the start of raving fan culture.

Once they have permission to put the client first in all that they do, they will start saying things like:

“Oh, I heard that the price of gas is going to go up another $1 a gallon.  Even though that’s going to raise our costs, we can’t pass that on to the customer . . . we must find a way to reduce our overall expenses so our clients don’t have to suffer.  Here’s what I was thinking  . . .”

A raving fan culture creates employees who solve problems for the client at every turn.  

You then reinforce this “client first” behavior by praising, appreciating, and rewarding the employees who display it.

The Client Experience in a Raving Fan Culture

What happens to the business when you have a raving fan culture?

It isn’t just a few extra customers added to your email list. 


You get a following.

You get brand loyalty. 


Because they FEEL your efforts.

They see you putting them first.

They recognize that when you could have been like everyone else, you stood firm and served them.

Every product and service needs a raving fan base in order to thrive in this world.


Because raving fans rave, recruit, and refer.

They not only stay loyal to your business as a client, but they also advertise your business for you.

They rave about you on social media, to their friends, to their family, to the person in the checkout line in the store.

They influence other people to purchase from you by recruiting everyone they know to be a client too.

They refer you.  They give testimonials about why your company/product/service, etc. is the BEST!

Referrals are 80% more likely to convert than a customer who just happened to come across your brand!

How does that raving fan culture sound now?

A raving fan culture makes everyone happy.  

The clients, the employees, and the business owners.

So here’s the critical question: do you have this type of culture in your business?

Are you ready to take the first step in leadership mastery in order to create this culture?