Welcome to another Ask Katrina. Today’s question is

“Katrina, should I ever decline an executive promotion?”

The answer is, it depends. The questions I would ask back to you are ones like:

What’s the role?

How will it serve you?

How will you serve in the role itself?

Many times I watch new executives, both men and women, forge a blazing path to get to the executive ranks as quickly as possible because they believe that when they reach that executive seat, they’re going to have both time and money freedom.

I will tell you in full transparency, that that was the key reason why I wanted to become an executive.

I wanted the time freedom that I thought all the executives had because, in my mind, I equated executive positions with comfort, security, peace, and simplicity.

From my view, the executives worked an office job, which meant they had evenings, free, the weekends free, travel was limited, and fear of a layoff or overall job loss seemed nonexistent.

Of course, the paychecks that come with an executive-level role aren’t too bad, either, right?

All of those reasons are reasons why a lot of people jump in and become an executive.

And know this, all of those reasons are valid reasons to want to be an executive.

But my question to you is, is this a position that you’ve longed for?

What were the reasons you want to be an executive?

Again, if it was nothing more than time and money freedom, those are fine reasons.

The key is that your “why” must be clear.

Questions to Answer in Determining if the Promotion Is Right for You

Why are you striving to get to that role?

Do you want it? If the answer is yes, then why?

My second question is, are you still aligned with your original why?

For example, did you want time and money freedom, but now you already have it or maybe now you want something else?

In other words, have your priorities in life shifted by the time you’ve reached this point of earning this promotion?

The other thing that I would have you ask yourself is, what are you going to deliver?

What are you going to give in that executive role?

Can you contribute?

One of our key human needs is the need to contribute; we need to give and serve outside of ourselves, not to get anything back, but to give.

Can you see where all of these questions are leading you?

Bottomline: will this role serve you?

If you cannot serve, either because you don’t want to contribute to that organization, you can’t contribute in the capacity that they’re asking you to contribute, or you’re simply not going to be able to show up and give your full authentic self to that role, then you definitely need to look at that role and ask yourself, is it right for me?

I’m not going to sit and tell you that you definitely need to say no to a promotion if your answer to “Is it right for me” is a no.

But you must search within yourself before you blindly step into a new position.

I think about the simple fact that we all had to step into that entry-level job for the first time in order to learn the culture, the details of the organization, and ultimately understand if is this the career path we want to go down.

Just like when we started, we have to take a step into the unknown in order to understand where we do/don’t want to go in our careers. We have to take the first step. Maybe this is the next “first step” in your career.

You may look at this role and say, “Hmm, this isn’t the next role I wanted, but I can see how it will serve me and grow me. I can see how I can serve and grow in it,” then maybe that’s an answer that tells you to take the next step into the unknown in order to clarify your overall career path.

Everyone is going to answer this question differently.

I don’t want to blanketly tell you “Yes, you should” or “No, you shouldn’t” take the promotion as that response is not respectful to you.

You’ve got to make your own decision.

But ultimately, what I would tell you is that if it doesn’t serve you and you cannot effectively serve in the role, then you truly need to consider the reason for accepting a promotion in that situation.

Decide by: understanding your motivation for accepting the role, defining what you will get out of it, defining what you will give in the role, and then deciding if what you will get and give are aligned with your needs.

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