What if a 30-Minute Call Could Transform Your Life?

   You’ve been holding your breath since you stepped into the work dilemma of trying to not be “too much” and yet still stand out. Isn’t it time to exhale and live again?

I can finally breathe again thanks to Katrina!

-Janet R.

Asheville, NC, 2019

The Process

Sign up for a no-fee jump start call and finally talk to a woman who understands.  I promise, it will feel like connecting with a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages.  You will walk away knowing you are not alone and that you have found your safe space to help you move from where you are now, to where you want to be.

The call is 100% private and confidential.

Take Action

We offer personalized solutions that fit your needs and lifestyle.  This could be 1:1 strategy sessions with Katrina or access to the Legend Inner Circle exclusive membership for example. No matter the vehicle, you will learn to master the 3 leadership pillars that are critical in creating a life on your terms.

Select what works best for you and let’s get to work!


 Once you join the community made for you, your life will change.  Surrounding yourself with likeminded women is the first step in letting you breathe.  Then, while mastering the 3 leadership pillars, you will confidently tackle your career, know when to say no, and truly start living life on your terms.

This is your life, it’s time you live it!

What  women just like you are saying:

Time with her is a game changer!

-Dee D.

Summerville, SC, 2021

I attended an event by Katrina, and it was the best few hours I could’ve spent for my business. 

-Angela L.

Hanahan, SC, 2021

Katrina is an inspiring leader and mentor – invest in yourself and work with her!

-Donna L.

Charleston, SC 2021


Katrina helped me navigate and walk through some interesting corporate culture situations and scenarios to bring out the best of myself and others on my team. 

-Karey W.

Nexton, SC, 2021


Having focused and intentional conversations with
Katrina helped me see myself and my career from a different
perspective! Highly recommend!

-Jennifer S.

Bentonville, AR, 2019


Katrina’s help was instrumental in taking me to a 45% increase in 2 months.

-Anna L.

Summerville, SC 2020